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Alison Powell

Ceramic Artist Monmouth

Ceramic Hare Bust
Alison Powell

AP Ceramics Monmouth

Nature and the countryside has always been a source of inspiration to my work. Using elements of the ever changing shapes and textures within the hedgerow, to create impressions onto the clay surface, accentuated with washes of underglaze or oxides, continue to absorb my method of making.

At the same time, local wildlife and in particular hares and foxes have been a particular interest. I use earthenware, porcelain and crank clays to create a range of work including Hare Figurines, Hare Sculptures and Hare & Fox plaques.

Each piece I make is individual and unique. I love to model the features and stance of each animal I make. These pieces look interesting both individually and equally in pairs or small groups.

I have always enjoyed working with clay. I studied Ceramics at Howard Gardens, Cardiff in the early 90s and from there, went on to teaching Art & Ceramics for 17 years.

Now, working part time, I have more time to create my own work. Over the years, my work has developed as I continue to explore and experiment with ideas.

If you’d like to chat about a commission, just send an email to me at